This Project is intended to continue a nice hack `abandonned' by his original author (Maarten Boekhol (boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl): dbf2mysql.

When I first used the package, I needed to upload dbf files to a running MySQL db, since it was not possible to do so without taking mysqld down and restarting it with --sg, I added -P (to grab password); -U (to grab the usrname) and got rid of mktemp() to the saffest mkstemp().
I tried to contact the author and one of the packagers I found in one 1.10d rpm release (I don't remember his name) but without success.

If anyone knows one of the authors/contributors, please feed the url to him/her so I could lend the project back to the owner. If I keep without any news from her/him/them, I will still keep all the credits he/she/they hardly owned by writting this usefull code, specially for the guys who lives in developping countries and are still using Xbase format alot! Thanks Maarten!


Xbase File Format Description by Erik Bachmann
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